About django africa

Picture by Christina Morillo from Pexels.

django.africa AKA django.co.zw, was born out of experimenting with django CMS packages in January 2019. I was trying different django CMS packages on my shared host to see which would work with the least tweaking and had the most useful 'add-ons' as well as development ability. Initially, I passed django CMS, even though it was at least the top 5 results returned by Google. My hangup had been that, from my quick read though their home page, I was tied into hosting with Divido Cloud, the commercial side of the backers / developers of django CMS. I was wrong.

My intention for this site was simply to document some of the solutions I had initially struggled with, during my ventures in django. I do admit, I like the idea of a public 'how-to manual' to refer back to at a later stage.

I am passionate about python, django and talent in Africa. I strongly believe that that 'up and coming' developers in Africa, should be concentrating on python as a scripting language and django as a web framework. Python is top of the list when it comes to languages to learn, while django comes in second in backend frameworks to learn. 

Instead of exporting Africa's talent, working together, we can uplift the lives of developers in Africa and make Africa the hub of development in these fields. Thousands of developers, working independently across Africa, with a common mindset, working together, can bring the world to Africa. By supporting each other, we can all grow. Let us share knowledge share experience and partner up for beneficial growth.